About us

Vitex company has been established in 1989. We have started to make clothes for young people who were passionate about sport – both amateurs and professionals.

During the first few years of our adventure with sportswear we were focused on producing swimming suits and trunks. As the time passed we have grown to a company of 75 enthusiasts and we have extended the clothes range to other sport disciplines like triathlon, rowing, canoeing and cycling.


Nearly 30 years later we are still as devoted to our work as ever, maintaining the best quality of production. The sportswear produced by us are design specifically for each individual discipline. We keep in contact with professionals, consulting the new ideas and designs with them. It make us proud to see them training and entering the competition in our sportswear.


We use the highest quality fabrics imported from Italy, which provide full comfort and satisfaction during trainings and competitions. All the fabrics has certificates issued by producers. Fabrics used for professional swimming suits are chlorine resistant, which extend their times of usage comparing to traditional Lycra.


Today we ship Vitex sportswear to Russia, Sweden, Germany, Nederland, United Kingdom and Czech Republic.

Domestically we sell our products in one of our sport shops and online.

Big part of our business are orders coming from sport clubs and associations and amateur’s teams playing sports recreationally.


We are able to design costumes according to our client wishes and expectations or we can produce sportswear from designs and patters provided by our clients. Additionally we offer to make prints and texts on costumes using the sublimation transfer or flocking. Thanks to overall services that we offer our clients save time and money and do not have to look for another supplier.


Please have a look at our offer. We will do our best to answer all your questions and to deliver the sportswear which will meet our each client expectations.